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Streaming Media without Broadband

A Better Streaming Experience on your Customer’s Device

rail tracks versus population density

US Population Density vs. Passenger Rail Lines

Streaming Media is wait... Painful

Broadband may cover 99% of the population, but most of us live in cities, so even the best high-speed networks are optimized for population-dense areas and interstate highways. As a result you'll often have a great connection when you're near a town, but you'll begin to lose it in increasingly rural areas.

The Solution

Instead of relying on a constant 4G connection, we’ve developed technology that downloads pieces of content (movies, tv shows, etc.) when those connections are available, and we then rebroadcast them to the customer’s device (tablet, phone, laptop) but only when we have the entire piece of content stored locally. This allows near constant uptime with no “buffering” periods. There are even battery backups for those brief moments where the vehicle loses electrical power.

Supported Devices

Any modern device can use MediaSpot in the browser. In some cases we've developed apps to make the experience even better.

Get Started Quickly

No app is required to get started. No need to maintain and store carts full of media players from 2001. MediaSpot can be accessed from any modern browser on your customer's own device.

Mobile Friendly

MediaSpot is compatible with your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone - even newer Blackberrys. Just navigate to the MediaSpot SSID to get started.

The Latest Content

MediaSpot is among the largest streaming media companies in the United States and has licensed the latest and most popular content. In some cases we can even fill specific requests.

Plays Nice

MediaSpot works with your existing WiFi installations and can even be integrated as an intranet site on those installations.


Brian Moore Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brian is the driving force behind MediaSpot. His entrepreneurial spirit and vision have fueled the launch of a variety of successful businesses. He has 25 years of experience in the direction, production, editing, and marketing of television programs, as well as extensive knowledge of what it takes to exceed the expectations of both customers and investors.

Patrick Mills Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Patrick brings a tremendous depth and breadth of technological expertise to MediaSpot. Proficient in 20 programming languages he also has more than 25 years of experience in computer programming and systems & network architecture design, development, management and control.


Scott Swanson Chief Marketing Officer

Scott brings 20 years of marketing, sales, and finance expertise to MediaSpot. Prior to MediaSpot, Scott lead a digital marketing organization focused on enterprise revenue optimization. Scott was among the first marketers hired to direct the launch Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure and has since helped numerous early to mid-stage technology companies become household names.

Frank Monaco Chief Sales Officer

Frank has held various executive positions with some of the world’s largest prepaid and telecommunications companies. He pioneered the prepaid gift card concept in Canada and launched the first prepaid program in professional sports history for the Toronto Blue Jays. Frank’s international sales experience and high-level contacts in the Hollywood entertainment industry give MediaSpot a competitive edge.

Alen Jurkin Chief Operations Officer

As MediaSpot COO, Alen’s primary responsibilities include overseeing company logistics and the installation and maintenance of MediaSpot hardware. His professional background includes serving as Operations Manager for a large web development franchise company and starting his own small business. Alen’s strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills are essential to MediaSpot’s success.

Daniel Moore Director of Sales

Dan’s career spans 25 years of international sales, marketing and ISO quality implementation in the automotive, appliance and pc peripheral businesses. He has served as North American Sales Director for Philips Electronics, Division Manager for Kurt Manufacturing and VP of Sales for Workplace Designs working with such well known OEM’s as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, FCA, GM, Ford, Apple, Whirlpool, Grumman and GE. Dan brings years of marketing, manufacturing and autonomous vehicle R&D experience to the team.


See It In Action

Let’s talk about how Mediaspot can help address your streaming media needs.

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